The evolution of the Run True System

I am trained as a Corrective Exercise Specialist (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and studied Anatomy in Motion with Gary Ward But I was essentially a running coach and inevitably I was drawn back into teaching runners using this newfound knowledge of biomechanics and human movement (I am also heavily influenced by Alexander, Feldenkrais, Hanna and others). I developed a 6 week course for runners teaching them strength mobility and balance movements as well as form practices. Teaching really is the best way to really learn a subject and this course was tweaked, amended, and added to with each iteration.

But lots of my students kept asking if they could have videos of some of the movement drills in order to better remember them. Some of the drills are very unique after all. And I began to explore this. The idea developed and the concept of having an online course to reach a wider audience took hold.

Today the Run True system is a comprehensive 6-week course (although subscribers have access for 12 months) that is designed to prevent injury or rehabilitate the runners’ body so that it functions as it was designed to do. All the movement practices that are taught within the system are based on human gait biomechanics. How we are designed to move. Run True is a system developed over several years that creates a runners’ body from the ground up. As a whole. There are video lessons each week which is about an hour per week (or broken into 10 minute chunks each day) showing and explaining the movements. There are PDF downloads explaining the key principles. There is also access to a private community group to share ideas, ask questions.

Finally, the idea of the membership came into being with Run True set to become the most comprehensive platform at any runners disposal.

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