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If you’re lucky enough to live near where we are based, then the Run True in-person course may be perfect for you. We have been running these courses for a number of years and it is from these that the online courses emerged.

The course is run over 6 weeks for one hour and is indoor based (usually a local community hall) and students are introduced to the core principles of the Run True system. The movement drills focus on strength, mobility and balance.

Strength – running specific movements some of which you will never have seen before that create functional strength for runners. Here are none of the gym based lunges, split squats, dead lifts which, while they will take you part way, are not specific for running as they DO NOT train muscles in the way that they are used in running.

Mobility – the Run True system develops mobility and range of motion (ROM) in order to enhance running action. Mobility goes hand in hand with strength. Both should be trained in equal measures. There is no static stretching, however, in the Run True system. Static stretching has no evidence base and is damaging for runners. It reduces performance and can make future injury more likely.

Balance – running is, essentially, a one legged sport. It is what differentiates running from walking. We need balance and symmetry in order to be an effective runner. An interesting commonly heard comment from older runners is that they are less prone to fall after doing the Run True course or can more readily right themselves if they trip. It is like turning back time.

After the 6 weeks we all meet up together and do paired observations while one party will observe the other run using the Run True Form Checklist. This is the icing on the cake, and many observe that this brings everything together. We film these sessions using coaching software and also introduce students to ways that they can start developing some pace.

Courses are held on a regular basis and cost £90 per person. As well as the course itself students are granted access to the online Run True course for 12 months and so have access to videos of all the movement practices, access to the community platform and all the additional courses on the platform.

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