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In the Run True system we help our members who may suffer frustrating injuries or a plateau in their performance or perhaps are baffled by all the contradicting advice out there to …. develop strength and functional mobility specific to running, to make injuries a thing of the past, develop strong functional, efficient running movement to power their performance and supply up to date, evidence based information about all things running.

Run True membership is your gateway to a superior and safer running experience. The key lies in consistent, smart training underpinned by scientific research in human movement, biomechanics and running coaching.

Each member has access to:

  • Our flagship 6 week running programme that develops strength, mobility and balance in movements specific to running that will transform your running. (We recommend that this is the starting point for all new members)
  • A private members community to ask questions, share experiences and get advice.
  • A brand new course appearing every month that you are a member on a range of topics such as how to increase pace, heart rate zone training, mindful running, breathing and so much more.

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Run True Membership

Become a Stronger, Faster, More Injury-proof runner in as little as 6 weeks…guaranteed!


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Run True: The Science-Backed Path to Enhanced Running Performance

Key Features:

  • Biomechanics and Gait Optimisation: Our program delves deep into the science of running, offering tailored exercises to optimise your form and function.
  • Strength and Mobility Training: We go beyond just telling you how far or how often to run. Run True provides targeted strength and mobility routines to build a resilient and efficient running body.
  • Injury Resilience: By focusing on functional fitness, we not only enhance your performance but also significantly reduce the risk of injuries. Running at our best means consistent training and consistent training cannot happen when we are sidelined by injury.
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Run True Membership

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